PAGES is calling upon parents in the Waubonsie Valley community to serve as a member on one of our committees during the school year. A brief description of each committee can be found below.

Students can also get involved through our peer tutoring program. Read more about that here.

Responsible for daily tutoring operations, recruitment, retention, communication, weekly progress monitoring, resources, metrics/analytics

Tentative Subcommittees: Recruitment, Communication, Resources, Analysis

Responsible for engaging PAGES membership via emails, calling tree, “robo” calls and website updates

Liaison with WVHS BSA group, school board, and Parent Diversity Advisory Council [PDAC]

Tentative Subcommittees: Calling Tree, General Communication, School Board, PDAC

Responsible for researching and sharing scholarship opportunities and summer program opportunities, coordinating SAT prep programs, inviting HBCUs for the WVHS college visits

Tentative Subcommittees: Test Prep, College Prep Workshops, Scholarships, Summer Programs, HBCUs

Responsible for raising money for ACT prep courses, social events, PAGES operations, seed money for 501c3 filing

Tentative Subcommittees: Football Game 50/50 Raffle, Corporate/Merchant

Responsible for coordinating social events, recognizing African American WVHS students and PAGES committees for their achievement

Tentative Subcommittees: Social, Awards, Recognition


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