January 2019 Meeting

In this meeting we discussed committee announcements, the financial report, summer programs, scholarships, 2019 course registration, and other announcements. AGENDA 1. Committee Announcements Chairs 2. Financial Report Stephanie Cannon & Arvine DeVry 3. Summer Programs Khanya Collier & Students 4. Scholarships Ryan VanKampen & Tracy Parks 5. 2019 Course Registration Ryan VanKampen 6. Announcements If … Continue reading January 2019 Meeting

May 2018 Meeting

AGENDA 1. Welcome & Review Bertha Jackson 2. Year in REview AJ Collier 3. Financial Report Arvine DeVry 4. Elections Bertha Jackson 5. The Truth About the Tests Suzanne Doctor 6. Waubonsie Announcements 7. Other Announcements If you couldn't make the May 2018 PAGES meeting, you can read the information presented below. MAY 2018 MEETINGDownload

April 2018 Meeting

agenda 1. Committee Reports Chairs 2. Financial Report Arvine DeVry 3. Introduction of Candidates Candidates 4. Perspectives Dr. Maria Curry 5. Waubonsie Goals Principal Jason Stipp 6. Announcements If you could not attend the meeting, please see the the attached presentation below. APRIL MEETING 2018Download

March 2018 Meeting

Agenda 1. Committee ReportsĀ  Chairs 2. Financial ReportĀ  Arvine DeVry 3. Social and Emotional Well Being Dr. Gina Bogin and Taneshia Davis 4. Announcements Please see the link below for a record of the March 2018 meeting. PAGES MARCH MEETING 2018Download

January 2018 Meeting

At the January 2018 PAGES meeting, parents were able to hear information on the following topics: Committee announcements, financial report, summer programs, scholarships and course registration for the 2018-19 school year. Copies of the presentations and provided materials are attached below. PAGES JAN MEETING 2018 PAGES 2018 Maximizing Course Opportunities