PAGES was established in the summer of 2013 when a group of concerned WVHS parents worked with the new principal, Jason Stipp, to organize a new parent group. The mission and purpose of this group was to close the academic achievement gap of African American students and provide support for the parents of those students. Our objective is to advocate for equity in education, raise awareness of any barriers and empower parents and students by offering academic resources and knowledge.

Over the past nine years PAGES has supported parents with training on the use of school systems, offered reduced cost SAT and ACT prep and free tutoring program for its members,  exposed students to academic opportunities, and offered summer program scholarships.

PAGES achieved its 501 (c) 3 not for profit status in 2017.  Please support our efforts by making a donation here.

We look forward to enlisting your help to build upon our successes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help close the achievement gap and advocate for the needs of the African American students.

“In support of our mission, Waubonsie is a community where students, staff, and parents can safely and collaboratively work to create a culture that promotes student learning, self-advocacy, and tradition & spirit.” 

PAGES also supports the mission and vision of Waubonsie Valley High School.

“At Waubonsie Valley High School our mission is to foster students’ learning to its highest potential while providing diverse and challenging educational experiences that academically, socially, and emotionally shape our students into independent and productive members of society.”

– Waubonsie Valley High School

Our Goals

  • Focus on WVHS programs supporting our efforts to decrease the achievement gap for minority students
  • Focus on assessment literacy to plan interventions for all students based on data
  • Enhance active engagement of our students both through academics and extra-curricular opportunities at Waubonsie Valley High School

Thank you to our sponsors for your support and recognition of the work that we do:

Chick Fil A – Fox Valley Center, Aurora IL
Subway – Eola & North Aurora Rd, Aurora IL
Buffalo Wild Wings – Naperville IL
Dominos – 646 South Frontenac, Aurora IL

Outback Steak House – 59 and Ogden, Naperville IL

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