Next School Board Meeting

5/16/2022 at 7:00PM

Crouse Education Center

780 Shoreline Dr.

Aurora, IL 60504

Boundary Adjustments Approved

District 204 board of education approved the administration recommendation and implementation plan for boundary adjustments

Implementation of the boundary plan will take effect at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Those impacted will receive a letter with more details in the near future. Please review for approved grandfathering details.  Any decisions about grandfathering will not be changed after the February 11th deadline date.

To see how the recommended boundary proposal impacts your household, visit the boundary map address locator tool.For more information on the boundary process, visit 2021-22 Boundary Process

DISTRICT 204 Approved Equity Statement – 10/19/2020

The following Equity Statement was approved at the school board meeting held on Monday October 19th.

The District 204 Board of Education recognizes that in order to inspire all students to achieve
their greatest potential we must lead and engage in a collective commitment to equity. The
Board recognizes that with our objective to provide educational opportunities that result in
equitable outcomes, we must work proactively to address biases and eliminate institutional
structures and practices that negatively affect student learning and achievement.
We pledge to foster educational equity for all students by actively identifying and removing any
barriers by ensuring that all policies, practices, programs, and procedures support and affirm
each student. We are committed to creating a culture where all staff, students and families feel
safe, welcome, respected, and a part of the school community. We recognize that equity work
is ongoing, and we pledge to engage the entire 204 community, actively including students,
families, educators, and all stakeholders in our equity journey. This will be an accountable,
measured, and continuous examination of our educational system. By eliminating disparities in
educational opportunities and embracing our diversity we can best assure that our students
have the greatest potential to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.
More to come on next steps.