This meeting took place on March 13, 2019. In this meeting, we discussed housekeeping with Dr. Bob McBride and the State of the Union Address with Dr. Karen Sullivan and Dr. Ivette Dubiel.


P3 Coalition is a partnership of District 204 African American parent groups:

  1. Parents and Administrators Together Helping Students (PATHS) established in 2010
  2. Parents Advocating for the Greater Enrichment of Students (PAGES) established in 2013
  3. Parents and Administration Collaborating to Enrich Students (PACES) established in 2016

P3 and District 204 collaboration established in April of 2016

P3 Initiatives

  1. Increase the number of African American Teachers in District 204
  2. District wide Equity and Cultural Sensitivity Training
  3. Academic programs in support of African American students
  4. Existing District 204 program assessment for effectiveness
  5. Transformation of the district’s extracurricular activities culture
  6. Reduction in the behavior/suspensions for African American students

If you couldn’t make the meeting, you can read more about the P3 Coalition State of the Union Meeting below.