P3 Recommendations for D204

Next week’s PAGES will be a special joint session with the parent groups from Metea and Neuqua. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 13 at 7pm in the Metea Valley LMC. The P3 Coalition will be meeting with school and district administrators to discuss the following recommendations.

#1 African American TeachersIncrease of African American teachers at all levels, within District 204
#2 TrainingDistrict Wide Equity and Cultural Sensitivity Training
#3 Academic ProgramsEstablish new effective academic programs in support of African American Students
#4 Existing ProgramsReview Existing Programs for Effectiveness
#5 Athletic CultureTransform Athletic Culture
#6 Behavior/SuspensionsDecrease Behavior/Suspension Rates

Please see the linked document for supporting documentation.

P3 Recommendations v1.2 12-12-16