Thursday, November 16th is Post-Secondary Planning Night at Waubonsie Valley.  Counselors, teachers and college admissions staff will be leading sessions covering a wide range of post high school education topics.  The evening will last from 6:30 – 9:00pm and features three 45 minute sessions. Families are able to pick from 14 available sessions topics. See below for a full list of session descriptions.

Title, (Session #), Description

College Athletic Eligibility (3)- Is your student interested in playing athletics in college? Do you know all of the requirements these students need to fulfill? If not, please attend our Eligibility Center presentation where we will go over all of the requirements outlined by the NCAA and NAIA.

Standardized Testing & College Admissions (2,3)- Illinois recently made the transition from the ACT to the SAT. What does this mean for your student and how can you help them prepare for success on the SAT? Come learn about the newly redesigned SAT and other standardized tests that may help your student strengthen their college applications.

What Makes a Great College (1)- We’ve all seen the rankings, but what really makes one school better than another? Join us for a conversation about the factors that truly make a great college and perhaps more importantly, what makes a college a great fit for your student.

Other Factors in Admissions: Beyond the Transcript
(2,3)- Many colleges use holistic admission review processes that encompass factors beyond GPA, course rigor, and standardized test scores. Based on data from the National Association for College Admission Counseling and input from college admission representatives, learn more about the impact of other factors such as essays, recommendations, interviews, extracurricular involvement, and why, ultimately, your child is THE most crucial factor in the process.

College Essays That Work (2)- Have you ever wondered what makes a college essay stand out to an admissions counselor? What experiences or topics are sure to grab attention? How can you make sure your personality comes through in your words? Hear from an experienced college admissions counselor on what really works in a college admissions essay.

How to Get Into Highly Selective Schools
(1,3)- Ever wonder what it takes to get into Harvard, Yale, or Brown? We will discuss insights into the admissions and application process of America’s most selective post-secondary institutions. There will also be a question and answer session to address any specific questions or concerns.

Success in the New Economy (1,3)- In the new economy where a college degree no longer guarantees success, what other options do students have? In the right field, a two year degree/certificate holder can earn more than students with a traditional four year degree. Learn more about viable alternatives to the four year degree and post-secondary resources right in our backyard.

Naviance (1,2,3)- The Family Connection is an online tool custom designed for Waubonsie Valley High School that students, parents and counselors can use together to determine the best path to college and ultimately a career. This interactive presentation dives into the Naviance college and career portals available to your students in their post-secondary planning.
*Parents attending this session must bring student log in and password for Naviance*

Financial Aid Process (1,2,3)- How do you pay for college? What’s the FAFSA and why do I have to fill it out? Come find answers to these questions and more. An experience financial aid counselor will help break down the cost of college, look at strategies for paying tuition, and discuss financial aid basics.

Careers in FACS (1)- Career opportunities abound in Family and Consumer Sciences. Come hear from members of the FACS department as they share college and career paths within the FACS disciplines.

STEM Careers (1,2)- What are possible careers in STEM and what can you do now as a high school student in order to prepare for them? Join us for a session that provides an overview of potential career paths and explore coursework and experiences that will lead you to success after high school.

College Night for Musicians (1)- Members of the WVHS Music Department will discuss topics such as college music major options, audition processes, and careers in the field. We will also leave time for questions at the end of the session.

Career Paths in Business (2)- Many students want to work in a business field, but what business related major is right for you? Come hear from members of the business department as they share college and career advice to help navigate your path.

College Level Course Experiences at Waubonsie Valley (3)– Did you know that your student can gain experience with college level courses while still in high school? Learn about the variety of college level courses offered at Waubonsie and how that learning can translate into earned college credit.