Hackers Invitation

Hour of Code Flyer

Whether you have never coded before or already know how, this event is for you. Everyone will work to hone their coding skills and use them to make a difference.  New coders will learn to code in less than 90 minutes and then make their own games. Experienced coders will take part in a mini-challenge with other students to solve a universal issue that impacts students of all ages – bullying/harassment.


This short event is only 3 hours long but will include a workshop introducing Java as a programing language.  Students can then work on developing a game, an application, or social media campaign to address bullying/harassment in their schools and/or communities.


For more information and to register visit http://tinyurl.com/pdsCode16  Registration is limited to 50 students.  This is a bring your own computing device event.


Come hack with us.  Extend a coding invite to those who may be interested.  We can all learn together.



Questions?  Feel free to reach out.


Tracy – AKA Hack “Mom”


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