District 204 PDAC

IPSD 204 Invites all PAGES parents to participate in upcoming PDAC sessions.

November 17—7:00-9:00 pm Curriculum and Achievement Gap
December 10—7:00-9:00 pm Race, Ethnicities and Languages
January 26—7:00-9:00 pm Educational Equity and Excellence Metea Valley*
February 11– 7:00-9:00 pm Educational Equity and Excellence Neuqua Valley*
February 23- 7:00-9:00 pm Educational Equity and Excellence Waubonsie Valley*
March 3– 7:00-9:00 pm Mental Health Needs
April 12– 7:00-9:00 pm Parent Organizations
May 3—7:00-9:00 pm Year End Celebration and Reflections

PDAC Mission Statement Recognizing that all students deserve an authentic opportunity to achieve their greatest potential, and understanding that a partnership with a student’s family and community is essential.

The Mission of PDAC is: To advance District 204’s commitment to equity and educational excellence.

PDAC 2015-2016 Goals 1. During the course of the 2015-2016 school year, PDAC leadership will develop partnerships with the leadership of other District 204 parent groups identified by the Superintendent with the intent of increasing awareness of PDAC and build our capacity as a community to understand issues of diversity and equity.
2. During the course of the 2015-2016 school year, each school’s PDAC liaison will meet/consult with their school’s principal to develop strategies that support the action plan developed at the World Café.
3. Exploring the 5 Essential Survey as a referent, each school will be recognized as having a welcoming and inclusive school environment by 2017.
4. Working with District 204 personnel and the PDAC liaisons, PDAC leadership will develop an organizational structure to sustain future work by June, 2016. 2015-2016

Action Plan
1. In partnership with District 204, PDAC will explore support and provide advice in the development of strategies to engage families of at risk students.
2. PDAC will provide forums that can build each school community’s capacity to understand issues of diversity and equity.
3. Respond to requests for assistance from principals to work with their school population to evaluate/address parental involvement so as to impact student achievement.
4. Honor District 204 employees, family, and/or community members who work to establish equity in their respective areas.
5. Host the World Café.

North Carolina A&T College Updates

ANY student that is applying to North Carolina A & T University and are having trouble with applying on line. I did speak with the Admissions Director and she will handle the fee waiver but we need to ensure that your student submit a COMPLETE application packet with TRANSCRIPTS, ACT SCORES, LETTER OF INTENT, ETC.

PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY @ Julia.willis@qcul.org so that I can communicate the names of those students who are seriously applying.


Attention, Attention….To those parents with graduating seniors…We just received word that the following colleges and universities in the NORTH CAROLINA SYSTEM have waived their application fees during College Application Week Nov. 2-6.

Here are the following universities:
*North Carolina A & T University
*Winston-Salem State University
*North Carolina Central University
*Fayetteville State University and
*Elizabeth City University

Each one is a great institution and tuition is not hard on the pockets …but they all have their pros and cons so make sure you (really your student) do your research about the school, degrees offered, financial assistance and area…..the first 3 of course…I’m going to push heavily…..just my opinion. Fayetteville State University class of 1965 just donated over $165,000.00 in scholarships just FYI

Any questions or need a connection…please let us know.
Thank you!