April 2015 Meeting Minutes

Waubonsie Valley High School PAGES General Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2015


Attendees:  T.C. Collier, A.J. Collier, Dr. Maria Curry-Nkanash, Maria Wright, Bertha Jackson, Jacquelyn Spires, Tyrone Thompson, Cordell Williams, Carla Julius, Yvette Williams, Mr. Bibbs

Meeting Location:  WVHS LMC


  1.  Election of Officers for 2015-2016 were held.  New officers are:
  • Chair – Carla Julius
  • Co-Chair – Andrea (A.J.) Collier
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Yvette Williams
  • Education Committee – Maria Wright
    • Tutoring – Thomas (T.C.) Collier
  • Communications – OPEN
  1. The Communications chair will work with Mr. VanKampen on the website.  They will also write scripts for the robo calls.  There are no nominations for this position yet.
  2. The purpose of Tutoring under the Education Committee is to supplement students with the resources that are available at school.
  • By the end of 2015 school year, T.C.’s objective is to have a detail plan in place to start the fall 2015.
  • His team will meet every two weeks.
  • The team will have a report at the next PAGES meeting on May 4, 2015.
  • On June 1, 2015 the team will report with detail plan.
  • They will meet August 17 and August 31.
  1. The Communications team is key to help with delivering the message regarding Tutoring.
  2. Mr. Bibbs
  • He explained that the ‘Student Learning Objective’ (SLO) is student mastery of topics.
    • Students can retake tests to improve their grades.
  • Counselors are available for T.C. to work with regarding tutoring.  Mr. VanKampen will provide list of students that need support.
  • We must encourage parents to get involved to result in the success of their students.
  • Per Mr. Bibbs, we can start tutoring with Saturday school which is from 9-11 AM.
  • Some teachers already want to help but we can’t ask them to come in on Saturdays due to contracts.
  1. Talent Banks – seeking those who are willing to assist in tutoring.  Some potential tutors are:
  • College students, churches, sororities, fraternities, corporations.
  1. Background checks will be completed on all tutors/mentors.  There will be no media contact with students outside of the school.
  2. We have to focus of parents to get them involved.
  3. Dr. Maria Curry-Nkanash offered to host a cocktail party for PAGES at the White Eagle Homeowners facility.  She will check calendar and see availability of facility in August.
  • The purpose of this event is to network with other parents.
  • Mr. Bibbs will get list of parents to Carla Julius.
  1. Next year possible fundraisers could be Buffalo Wild Wings, Firehouse Subs, etc.
  2. The next meeting of PAGES will be held on May 4, 2015 at Fischer Middle School.  This will give Mrs. Spires the opportunity to expose her middle school parents to PAGES.
  3. At the next meeting, PAGES would like the presentation of the achievement gap presented by Mr. VanKampen.
  4. Mr. Stipp will be contacted to see if the Guidance Counselor Chair will be available to attend the next meeting.
  5. August 29, 2015 – Waubonsie will host the NAACP College Readiness Fair.  PAGES will develop a flyer for the event.


2015 Aviation Camp

Hi PAGES Parents and Supporters,

Please see attached for information about the 2015 Aviation camp (Monday, July 27th – Friday, July, 31st), which is an overnight camp at Lewis University in Romeoville. The purpose of this camp is to introduce minority teenagers (ages 13 to 17) to aviation careers.  Camp activities include:

Orientation flights for each student in single engine aircraft
Tour of Midway Airport
Tour of Air Traffic Control facilities
Trip to Oshkosh Air Show


Camp Sponsors:
Lewis University
Federal Aviation Administration
Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated
National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employee
National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employee

Contact information is in the attached documents.

2015 pg3 ACE Application

2015 Pg2 15 ACE LEWIS Flyer2

2015 Pg1 15 Lewis ACE COVER Unver