Election of Officers for 2015-2016 School Year



  1.  Solicit nominations from stakeholders (parents and leadership team) for a specified period of time and use various modes of communication to inform others that may wish to apply.
  • Solicitations should come with a synopsis of qualifications for recommendation
  • Create a flyer on website letting stakeholders know we are seeking nominations/applications
  • Need brief description of responsibilities and expectations for Chairperson
  • MODES OF COMMUNICATION – PAGES website, leadership team personal networks, added to robo call for targeted parents (can be separate contact or added to meeting invite)
  1. Convene a committee or leadership team to narrow down choices to be voted on by stakeholders
  2. Once choices are narrowed down, contact nominee to gauge interest in being on the ballet – 2 or 3 candidates.
  3. Nominees in agreement will be place on ballot for voting by stakeholders
  4. Create ballots and implement voting



  1. Select meeting that voting will take place
  2. Place names on ballot
  3. Advertise voting to take place at appropriate meeting via various modes of communication
  4. Designate 45 – 60 minutes of the meeting to voting and naming new officers