March PAGES Meeting Summary

The focus of the March 2, 2015, Waubonsie Valley High School (WVHS) PAGES (Parents Advocating for the Greater Enrichment of Students) group meeting was to recap the February meeting and discuss focus areas for the 2015-2016 school year. Ms. Mary Kassir, Foreign Languages teacher at WVHS, and leader of the Spanish parents’ group plus parents representing this group attended this meeting. The following items were discussed:


The status of the Spring 2015 ACT Test Prep course (sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Chicago (100BMC)) was discussed by Mr. Tyrone Thompson:

  • The spring 2015 course was cancelled since only 13 students registered (a minimum of 25 students needed to register).
  • Plans are underway to offer this course during the summer of 2015.


Proposed rules for PAGES Officers Elections was presented by Mrs. Toshia Moss:


Before discussing future focus areas Mr. Tyrone Thompson recapped the history of PAGES:

  • 5 – 6  months during 2013 were spent planning the inception of PAGES with WVHS administrators
  • 2013 – 2014 school year (first full year) PAGES focused on defining its mission statement.
  • 2014 – 2015 school year (second year) PAGES is focusing on leading activities/workshops to enlighten parents
    • Naviance
    • Holiday Dinner
    • Equity Presentation
    • Knowledge Sharing Meeting with representatives of Nequa Valley High School’s PATHS and Meta Valley’s BSA.
      • Mrs. Carla Julius recapped the discussion points from this meeting
      • Benefit of AP Classes
        • Per Ms. Kassir it appears that enrollment of minority students in AP Spanish, AP Human Geography, AP History, and AP Psychology courses increased; Perhaps  the Benefit of AP Classes workshop contributed to this increase.


Meeting participants made the following suggestions for future PAGES’ focus areas/endeavors:

  • Increase support for students taking AP classes (i.e. late buses, etc.).
  • Increase student access to tutoring:
    • Dr. Curry-Nkansah and Mr. Collier expressed interest in leading this effort
    • Take advantage of tutoring resources offered by NAACP and other groups
  • Work closely with counselors.
  • Ask BSA parents to attend PAGES meetings; continue to build PAGES partnership with BSA.
  • Poll parents to identify to determine meeting days that work for most people (i.e. day of week and time).
  • Establish a PAGES presence at WVHS events.
  • Increase collaboration and knowledge transfer with teachers and parents who are leading other groups that mentor minor students.
  • Explore PAGES obtaining 501(c)3 tax-exempt  status.



As always PAGES encourages you to be informed, get involved, and consider the following:

  • Participate in PAGES meetings/events. Meetings are the first Monday of every school month in the LMC at WVHS. The next meeting is on April 6, 2015. The focus of this meeting will be on electing officers for the 2015 – 2016 school year and continuing the discussion on future focus areas.

2015-16 Officer Elections


Election of Officers for 2015-2016 School Year



  1.  Solicit nominations from stakeholders (parents and leadership team) for a specified period of time and use various modes of communication to inform others that may wish to apply.
  • Solicitations should come with a synopsis of qualifications for recommendation
  • Create a flyer on website letting stakeholders know we are seeking nominations/applications
  • Need brief description of responsibilities and expectations for Chairperson
  • MODES OF COMMUNICATION – PAGES website, leadership team personal networks, added to robo call for targeted parents (can be separate contact or added to meeting invite)
  1. Convene a committee or leadership team to narrow down choices to be voted on by stakeholders
  2. Once choices are narrowed down, contact nominee to gauge interest in being on the ballet – 2 or 3 candidates.
  3. Nominees in agreement will be place on ballot for voting by stakeholders
  4. Create ballots and implement voting



  1. Select meeting that voting will take place
  2. Place names on ballot
  3. Advertise voting to take place at appropriate meeting via various modes of communication
  4. Designate 45 – 60 minutes of the meeting to voting and naming new officers

PAGES February Meeting Summary

The focus of the February 2, 2015, Waubonsie Valley High School (WVHS) PAGES (Parents Advocating for the Greater Enrichment of Students) group meeting was to share information between the Indian Prairie School District (IPSD) high school organizations that focus on minority students. This was a unique opportunity to meet and engage in an exchange of ideas with representatives from Nequa Valley High School’s (NVHS) PATHS (Parents and Administrators Together Helping Students) group and Metea Valley High School’s (MVHS) BSA (Black Student Alliance) group.

Before getting into the main focus of the meeting the participants watched a portion of the ‘Bring Your A Game’ a short film (23 minutes) by Mario Van Peebles. This film talks about the unrealistic dream a number of black males have to become a rapper or professional athlete; the odds of achieving these dreams is similar to winning the lottery. This film is a series of short conversations with popular celebrities and skits aiming to encourage black males to set and achieve educational goals and stay away to the pitfalls that can lead to little or no employment or worse yet, jail.  We encourage parents and students to watch this video:

Meeting participants were reminded about a series of workshops called ‘The Joy of Parenting Teenagers’, which are sponsored by IPSD. More information about these workshops can be found at

Participants were encouraged to ‘get the word out’ and sign their students for the upcoming 2015 ACT Test Prep sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Chicago (100BMC).

IPSD is fortunate to have organizations, which focus on minority students, at each of its high schools. The organizations representing WVHS and NVHS boast a solid collaboration between parents, school administrators, and Black Student Alliance (BSA). MVHS’ BSA organization is teacher led with the solid support of school administrators. Even though each group sponsors different activities the ultimate goal of each group is to reduce the achievement gap.

Mr. Tyrone Thompson, parent and founding member of WVHS’ PAGES, presented the mission and accomplishments this group.  Notable accomplishments of PAGES:

  • Creation/Maintenance of the WV Pages Website
  • 2014 ACT Test Prep (through a partnership with 100BMC)
  • Educational Equity Presentation by Ms. Ivette Dubiel, Director of Educational Equity for IPSD
  • Workshops including on Naviance () and the Importance of AP Classes
  • Holiday Dinners
  • School Year Kick-Off Meeting and Dinner


Ms. Juanita Cobb and Ms. Viveka Ross, parents and leaders NVHS’ PATHS, presented the history (5 plus years), mission, and accomplishments this group.  Notable accomplishments of PATHS:

  • Scholarship program
  • Teen Summit (open to WVHS, NVHS, & MVHS students)
  • Parent Mixers
  • 2 – 3 workshops a year
  • Partnership with NVHS’ Equity Group


Ms. Natalie Johnson, Math teacher and leader of BSA, presented the mission and accomplishments this group.  Notable accomplishments of MVHS’ BSA:

  • Scholarship program
  • All In Program (Get Students Interested in AP Classes)
  • Participation in Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
  • Workshops including: preparing students for 100BMC College Fair and Networking
  • Participation in Community Service Events
  • Restorative Justice
  • Project Lead the Way


Also in attendance at this meeting were: Mr. Jason Stipp, Principal of WVHS, Dr. Darrell Echols, Principal of MVHS, and Dr. Benjamin White, IPSD School Board Secretary. Each spoke about the importance of:

  • Collaboration between the high school’s parent/student groups,
  • Eliminating the achievement gap
  • Reduce student apathy
  • Building a diverse teacher population

By sharing the key accomplishments of each group we hope all parents and students are inspired to participate and contribute to the goal of reducing the achievement gap.

As always PAGES encourages you to be informed, get involved, and consider the following:

  • Attend WVHS’ Annual Black History Program presented by BSA on February 25, 2015 in the high school auditorium.
  • Participate in PAGES meetings/events. Meetings are the first Monday of every school month in the LMC at WVHS. The next meeting is on March 2, 2015.